Behavior Change Communication (BCC)
What is Behavior Change Communication (BCC)?
Behavior Change Communication (BCC) is an interactive process that helps to develop and promote positive behavior in identified individuals, communities and targeted audiences through a multiple of appropriate communication channels.
Program Overview

BCC is a cross cutting activity that is integrated into all program areas and addresses the supply side at health facilities and the demand side at a community level. The aim is to improve communication between healthcare providers at health facilities such as maternal and newborn health (MNH) and reproductive health/family planning and BCC technical in improving clinical skills for healthcare providers at targeted hospitals.

Simultaneously, BCC has a mission to promote the participation of specific communities in social protection schemes and help strengthen the communities through education, thereby enabling them to seek out services available in the areas of reproductive health/family planning and MNCH where BHS is present.

We work closely with all stakeholders, in particular, program and technical staff within BHS, the national program of the Ministry of Health, Commune Councils, and District Governors.
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