Community-Based Health (CBH)
What is Community-Based Health?
The Community-Based Health (CBH) team is working to contribute to the development of social health protection strategies which support Cambodia's pursuit of Universal Coverage. The focus of our efforts are to build capacity of local authorities at the Provincial, District, and Commune levels to manage and implement Health Equity Fund (HEF), Community Based Health Insurance (CBHI), and Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT) schemes under a governance structure known as a Community Based Health Cooperative (CBHC). CBHC organizations have been established in Angkor Chum Operational District, Pursat Province, and Khan Meanchey in Phnom Penh.
Program Overview

The Cambodian public health service delivery system is statist in design. The MoH operates 10 National Hospitals, 79 Referral hospitals, 992 health centers, and 113 Health Posts. In theory, these facilities respond primarily to inputs and instructions from MoH departments and national programs and have very little formal input from other government bodies or community structures. The MoH has developed an outreach program through the use of Village Health Support Groups (VHSG) but these serve more as a way of informing the population about services of the MoH than to influence the operation of the health facilities or inform the MoH about what the population might think of the health services.

At the same time Cambodia is actively decentralizing and de-concentrating many government functions to the subnational Commune and District levels. There have been three rounds of local elections for Commune Councils and their budgets (which include resources for health related activities) from Phnom Penh have increased significantly over the past several years. The District Councils will also receive their first discretionary budgets in 2012.

Working from the principles that Cambodia is moving towards decentralization and that public service delivery will be stronger with inputs from the MOH, local elected authorities, and community representatives, BHS has been working to develop a model for increased levels of local community participation in health service delivery. The CBHC model creates a governance structure which provides formal roles to MOH officials and Provincial/District/Commune authorities to directly manage social health protection systems in their local area. This model is designed to increase the flexibility in the application of HEF, CBHI, and CCT schemes to local needs and increase responsiveness of public health services to the people they serve.

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