Hospital Improvement Program (HIP)
What is HIP?
The Hospital Improvement Program develops and tests sustainable, transferable improvements to three levels of hospital operations: patient care, ward and hospital.
Program Overview

The HIP team is made up of doctors, nurses, lab technicians and public health professionals who work in target hospitals to develop and test models of improved management and patient care, providing on-the-job coaching to clinical staff to build basic competencies, working with the hospitals to develop protocols and guidelines for patient care as well as standardized tools for managing staff schedules and tracking and ordering medicine and supplies. The team assists the hospitals to rationalize patient flow, avoiding unnecessary admissions and decreasing patient waiting time.

In order to ensure the sustainability of hospital-level improvements, the team works closely with the provincial and national Ministry of Health to scale-up successful clinical and management models and develop mechanisms of linking payment for services to performance quality.

(Training in Basic Life Support)
(Training in Basic Life Support)
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